Thai Vegetarian Cooking Class

1. Pick your own dishes, what ever you like to lean
- 1 student = 6 dishes
- From 2 students = 9 dishes

2. Get the information from the teacher about the vegetables, Thai herbs and sauces
3. Teach in person
4. Learn how to chop the vegetables
5. Learn how to cook
6. Receive Cook Book with the ingredient and recipes.
7. Invite friends and family to eat all the foods or take away all the foods
8. Receive the certificate after finish the class

Students having their foods with friends and family

Receive Cook Book for all the dishes

Students pick their own dishes ..
Prepare all the dishes for students to chop up

Teacher explains the about the vegetables, herbs and sauces


Student chop the vegetables, prepare for cooking

Student cook the food

Students tasting their food

Receive the Certificate after finish the class

All the dishes have been cooked by students